What People Are Saying

Feedback from some of our wonderful customers

The meals from dinnerlicious! are amazing! Great, fresh ingredients, easy to follow recipes and fantastic variety- the kids are trying things and loving it. Thanks so much!

- H.S. Toronto

What a stress-free experience dinnerlicious! is!! And best of all, I know that I am serving my family a healthy, well-balanced meal. We love the variety that dinnerlicious! brings to our table; we are trying foods that I would never have thought to make.

- C.M. Hamilton

We are a family of four with young kids and putting healthy dinners on the plates is important to us. Not losing our minds over planning dinner every single day is just as important. We found Dinnerlicious and it was a game changer. Not only does the weekly delivery save time, it also introduced diversity to our diet. It’s great for the kids to see and taste fresh, local healthy foods! And since there are no leftover ingredients – an exact portion of ingredients is provided – there is no guilt of food going bad. The exact portions also mean that we only pay for food we eat and not for leftovers that will almost certainly go bad. Ingredients are always fresh and the recipes are easy to follow even for a novice cook.

- Zoltan W, Burlington, ON

The meals from dinnerlicious are amazing! Great, fresh ingredients, easy to follow recipes and fantastic variety- the kids are trying things and loving it. Thanks so much!

- H, Hamilton

I can honestly say I am enjoying cooking again. Everything turns out well and is so easy to prepare!

- T, Hamilton

Just wanted to, once again, compliment you on the meals. It is a treat to have the planning and shopping all done and no waste. Best of all, tasty meals we would never otherwise think of making. So, thanks! — PS. XX at my office is going to sign up for a trial. I think it was to stop me from rambling on about how great it is!

- J, Dundas

Also wanted to add that I LOVE dinnerlicious-love the menu items and love how much time it has freed up for me. My family loves the meals too.

- M, Waterdown

As we sit down to our first Dinnerlicious meal of the new year…..I realize just how much we missed you!!! We are having the roasted red pepper salmon over pasta tonight. As usual….it’s delicious…and nutritious! Thanks Malin!

- A, Hamilton

We have to thank you for our new, wonderful and exciting dinners. We are trying new and healthy options. Who knew pomegranate seeds were this interesting. Your recipes have given my family the confidence to make these amazing dinners and best of all, no one asks me what’s for supper. They know ahead and it’s great. The best news for me is that I haven’t had to stop at the grocery store this week trying to figure out what to buy. Saving money and great food – who can complain. Thanks again

- L, Oakville

Just finished eating my first meal and it was so easy, healthy and fulfilling! No small feat but you did it. Thank you for a great service.

- D, Dundas