We have been hard at work here lately… drinking coffee! And moving to a new location, among other things… The coffee helps those other things get done!


While I love a wonderful cup of coffee, I don’t love that it often requires an extra stop to get good locally roasted beans. This is why we have decided to bring ethical, locally roasted coffee directly to your door so you don’t have to make that extra stop either!

We have some excellent local roasteries in our area and we are excited to offer you Detour and Red Hill coffee with your orders!

Both Detour and Red Hill are committed to good quality, responsibly sourced coffee. (To read more about their practice and sourcing, visit http://detourcoffee.com/posts/22-a-note-about-sourcing and http://redhillcoffee.myshopify.com/pages/coffee-101-know-your-beans)

 We are thrilled to offer you 2 types of coffee, all available as whole beans or ground coffee.


From Detour we will continuously carry Bottle Neck, which is their house blend.


red hill c

From Red Hill Coffee Trade we are pleased to offer their best seller Sumatra, which, as the name suggests, comes from the island of Sumatra in western Indonesia. The Sumatran coffee is a dark roast that brews a delicious full-bodied, deep and earthy cup. Red Hill Coffee Trade, like Detour, is dedicated to the art & craft of roasting. They pride themselves with roasting with skill, care & craftsmanship, only roasting Fair Trade Certified and Certified Organic coffee.  

 On the Coffee Menu:

Detour Bottle Neck Coffee 12 oz, CA$13.55

Red Hill Sumatra Coffee 10 oz, CA$12.00