We asked for your opinion and you answered – thank you!

One of the main things we found from the survey we sent out is that families with little ones especially would like to have a bit more choice in the meals they get from dinnerlicious! To that effect we are introducing a one-month test period to see if it is something we should make a permanent feature.

This is how it will work:

Starting with the menu for the week of April 20 there will be 6 meals; A B and C are the “set menu” if you want to keep things the way they were and not have to worry about a thing! D E and F are the additional options for the “mix & match” option, and the plan is that they will change monthly. If you go for the set menu, you will automatically get the ingredients and recipes for meals A, B and C. If you choose mix & match, you can choose between all 6 during the order process.

This will be a test period so we very much welcome any feedback you have!

Please also note that effective 9 April 2015, our prices will increase slightly due to increased operating costs:

Large 1-time order: $95/order

Large subscription: $90/order

Small 1-time order: $56/order

Small subscription: $53/order