For dinnerlicious Restaurant Series, we will be buying meal-kits from partnering restaurants to directly help generate revenue while also showcasing their brand, offerings, and signature dishes to our meal kit subscribers, in turn this increases revenue and brand awareness, which we consider as win win! The Restaurant Series currently includes The Haam, Rickshaw Bar, Born & Raised, Kanto, Gushi Foods, Carlotta Bar, and others that will be joining our program over the coming weeks.

Once a week, our regular delivery program will include one of our restaurant partner’s meal kits. The goal is to give our subscribers an opportunity to try out our favourite restaurants in addition to our existing Dinnerlicious meal offering. The meals are quick-to-cook 30 min, restaurant-grade meals that include pre portioned ingredients, making the cooking process simple and straightforward with the help of step-by-step instructions and with substitutions for vegetarian, vegan, and other dietary restrictions.

Our weekly menus are a reflection of the chefs we partner with, our passion and love for food and hospitality, our local suppliers and partners, and the changing Ontario seasons.