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More than just a grocery delivery! dinnerlicious! plans three healthy delicious and affordable dinners and delivers easy to follow recipes and fresh pre-measured ingredients to your door each week!

Place your order now to receive the fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes for delicious meals on Tuesday December 14!

What People Are Saying

Feedback from some of our Wonderful Customers

Hi Malin, I wanted to let you know that I am loving Dinnerlicious. Getting dinner on the table on a weeknight used to be a chore. Same old recipes and relying on more and more prepacked processed food. Now with interesting, healthy and varied menus planned, I love cooking again.

– M.M. Hamilton

We love your meals, I’ve always wanted to learn about making sauces and your recipes have helped. For all three recipes, the whole family got involved in the preparation of the meal, which I think is a wonderful by-product of your service. The fact that we have a recipe to read and all the ingredients available allows the whole family to participate in the preparation of the meal because we can break down the recipe into different responsibilities. It teaches the kids how to read a recipe and they can participate in the joy of cooking food and contributing to an important family activity. The food is tastier when the whole family shares in its preparation. We love it!

– C, Burlington

We have to thank you for our new, wonderful and exciting dinners. We are trying new and healthy options. Who knew pomegranate seeds were this interesting. Your recipes have given my family the confidence to make these amazing dinners and best of all, no one asks me what’s for supper. They know ahead and it’s great. The best news for me is that I haven’t had to stop at the grocery store this week trying to figure out what to buy. Saving money and great food – who can complain. Thanks again

– L, Oakville