At the turn of the 20th century, my great grandfather, Oscar Hansson, opened his first  grocery store in south of Sweden.  The shelves were always stocked with local seasonal produce. Not because it was trendy or environmentally friendly but simply because there was no other option. This did not change when my grandfather took over the business and it expanded throughout the south of Sweden.  Even after the advent of industrial farms, large supermarket chains and the sale of the business this tradition of eating local seasonal produce lived on in my family.


This is the first grocery store started by my great-grandfather in Sweden in the early 20th century. Providing great service and fantastic local produce, my great-grandfather and grandfather built a chain of local grocery stores around the South of Sweden.


Enjoying traditional Swedish breakfast of bread and cheese with yummy local caviar on our boat on the West Coast of Sweden.


Growing up we would often get our seafood straight from the local fishermen and I still do when I visit my parents on the Swedish West Coast. Here I am waiting for the catch of the day!


I spent some of my teenage years living in Paris where we frequented the great local markets and cheese shops like this one close to our apartment in the center of Paris. Although it is not realistic for many working families to shop at local farmers markets to enjoy seasonal , fresh local produce and meats, dinnerlicious aims to bring the market to your door through sourcing our ingredients from as many local famers and producers as possible.


Following my studies in international relations, one of my first jobs was to support a peace-building program in Macedonia. During this time I was introduced to the rich food traditions of the Balkans, from unique traditional Albanian dishes found in mountain villages to the fantastic salads, vegetables preserves, yogurts and cheeses found throughout the country. The local sun-ripened red peppers and tomatoes were some of the best I have had anywhere! Above are my trusty vegetable suppliers at the market in Skopje…


My husband and I moved to Cambodia in 2003 and we spent 4 wonderful years exploring the incredible cuisine of Cambodia (think a combination of Thai and Vietnamese). Traditional Cambodian cuisine is one of complex aromas and flavours using fresh ingredients like lemon grass, kaffir lime, ginger, turmeric, garlic, chillies and shallots, making for light, healthy and intensely delicious meals. I enjoy sharing these wonderful flavours with dinnerlicous customers from time to time.


Moving to Canada (Hamilton) in 2008, I have been amazed at the abundance of great local produce available through farmers markets in this region. I have also been very happy to discover that many of these farmers use sustainable and natural farming methods even though they might not be certified organic. Through basing our meals on seasonal produce, dinnerlicious includes a lot of this local produce in your meal bags.