About Dinnerlicious!

Meals Planned. Ingredients Delivered.

The concept of a planned meal bag delivered to the home began in Sweden, quickly spread across Europe, and is now being introduced in Canada for the first time by dinnerlicious! founder Malin van der Meer.

She has lived in some exotic and inspiring food regions around the world (among them France, South East Asia, and her native Sweden).

Her global experiences have strengthened her passion for good and healthy food and responsible sourcing.

Born on the West Coast of Sweden, Malin’s culinary interests started early at home where her dad was arguably the original “Swedish Chef” and her mom would bake the sweetest and most delicious things. It was not uncommon for her family to meet the local fishermen at the docks to get fresh local seafood for their evening meal.

This tradition of preparing meals with quality, local, healthy (and perhaps sometimes indulgent) ingredients continued as her family moved to Paris. Her years there were marked with trips to the local street market where fresh produce, meats, and cheeses were bought directly from local farmers. Adulthood sent Malin around the world: from Brussels to living in Macedonia and Cambodia with her husband.

Now, having settled in Hamilton in 2008, Malin believes that it is important to be aware of where our food comes from and how it gets to our plates. Her food philosophy centers on trying to make the best food choices both for the people who will eat it and for our planet while making cooking fun and delicious!

Through dinnerlicious!, Malin shares her global culinary knowledge and passion for seasonal and local meals to assist busy families in making healthy and responsible food choices.