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No planning, no last minute shopping, taking the guesswork out of cooking!

Meals Planned. Ingredients Delivered.

 Seasonal and local meals to assist in making healthy and easy food choices. Canada’s first meal kit delivery.

Meals Planned. Ingredients Delivered.

Dinnerlicious stands by the notion of knowing where our food comes from and how it gets to our plates. Seasonal and local meals to assist in making healthy and easy food choices. Canada’s first meal kit delivery.

|About Our Story

Our restaurants has its own unique atmosphere and menu, creating an experience relevant to the neighbourhood and its people.

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We are GoFoodie, a young and beautiful team with a passion for tasty and traditional food.

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Fall Buffalo Turkey Burger
GF: GF buns
Veg & Vegan menu: Fall Buffalo Veggie Burger

| Our Founder

Experienced Chief Chef

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The Dinnerlicious Restaurant Series

To support local chefs and restaurants, each week we offer one chef-prepared meal kit from our favourite restaurants in the GTA. The meals are quick-to–cook 30min, restaurant meals including pre-portioned ingredients prepped by the restaurants making the cooking process simple and straightforward with the help of step-by-step instructions and dietary substitutions available.

Customer Reviews

"Just finished eating my first meal and it was so easy, healthy and fulfilling! No small feat but did it. Thank you for a great service."
- D,Dundas
"What a stress-free experience dinnerlicious! is!! And best of all, I know that I am serving my family a healthy, well-balanced meal. We love the variety that dinnerlicious! brings to our table; we are trying foods that I would never have thought to make."
"The meals from dinnerlicious! are amazing! Great, fresh ingredients, easy to follow recipes and fastastic variety - the kids are trying things and loving it. Thanks so much!"
- H.S.Toronto

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